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SEO in 2016: Have the goals changed?

SEO in 2016 goals

According to the person you speak to, you’re likely to hear that SEO is dead or that SEO is the future of Internet marketing. The answers might leave you confused or more enlightened. Any marketing campaign that you embark on must have clear goals and objectives. You must be able to measure the success (or failure) rate of your marketing campaigns. SEO without goals is akin to playing music without any sound. The beauty of music is in the sounds it produces. The beauty of SEO is in the goals that it enables a business to achieve.

So, have the goals of SEO changed in 2016?

First, the goals of SEO include:

  1. Drive/attract quality traffic
  2. Increase visibility
  3. Boost the brand
  4. Enhance business credibility

A good and effective SEO strategy should help you to create a trustworthy business. Without any modicum of trustworthiness, customers will abandon your business in droves. If your business is losing while others are gaining customers, you don’t need a college degree to understand that it stands on quick sand. All the content that you create as part of the SEO strategy is only useful if customers can see them. Moreover, it might help you to know that around 12 billion searches take place on the Internet every month in the USA. Make your content visible on the searches.

Any SEO campaign that you undertake must address the needs of your target audience or market. The content or campaign is just as important as the actual products and services that you sell. SEO helps customers to see, read and learn about your products and services. The content that you publish is not the main thing. Content only acts as a signboard that directs visitors (or customers) to the actual item that they need. Content is not what your customers want. Content only helps them to learn the benefits of using your products and services.

While the basics of SEO say that you should design the content for search engines, you should not forget the importance of addressing human needs. After all, even if your business/content rank high in search engine results, customers will move elsewhere if it does not contain the answers they crave. Customers don’t want to know that your website adheres to all the SEO basics. Customers only want to know that your website contains all that they need. For this reason, the goals and objectives of SEO have not changed in 2016.



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