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SEO Copywriting: What top techniques and secrets must you apply?

SEO Copywriting

The most important feature on your website is content. The content can be purely text, graphics, photos or videos. Content must contain the information that readers want to know. Content must be informative, useful and relevant.

The content must contain a call to action, which simply refers to what you want customers to do after listening to, watching or reading whatever you publish. Consequently, you must learn the basics, techniques and secrets of SEO copywriting in order to create exceptional content.

So, what techniques and secrets must you apply in SEO copywriting?

Offer value

Is the content on your site providing the value that customers want? Large corporations have realized the importance of giving back to the society. Your business can give back to customers too in the form of discounts and free downloads. Be creative to attract more traffic to your site.

Address objections

Customer feedback is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for the success of all your SEO copywriting endeavors. Therefore, strive to learn the objections your customers have and address them with the content that you post on the website.

Rouse curiosity

Normally, what makes you to click an ad or link? You probably do this because of the curiosity that the ad/link conjures in your mind. Consequently, find ways of arousing your customers’ curiosity too. Curious customers or readers have no problem doing what you ask of them.

Apply social proof

How many other people have done what you want the next customer to do after reading content on your website? Show proof from your business’ social media accounts to convince the next batch of customers to do what you want. It’s easier for people to do what others have done.


Rigidity is a bad quality when you want to excel in SEO copywriting. Publishing generalized content is not a highly advisable move on your part. Customize content based on the different needs of your customers. One-size-fits-all approach is bad for SEO copywriting.

Timeline and Deal Sweeteners

How urgent is the call of action you posted in your website? Let readers know that they only have a short window of opportunity to do what you want them to do. Throw some deal sweeteners into the call of action. Deal sweeteners can be additional incentives.

Therefore, follow this guideline from today and see your SEO copywriting skills go a notch higher. More importantly, follow the tips mentioned here to draw more traffic to your site. More traffic means increased conversion rates, which is great for the growth of your online business.

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