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Do you want to be a Top Blogger? Try these SEO Basics

SEO Basics

Do you consider yourself a greenhorn in the world of SEO? Do you spend countless hours thinking of new ways to become a top blogger whose blog attracts thousands of hits? The beauty is you do not need SEO expertise to have a thriving blog that’s the envy of other bloggers.

When it comes to SEO, don’t let your experience or lack thereof to define the success or failure that you encounter. Some of the most inexperienced bloggers have enjoyed the biggest successes while building a career in blogging.

Therefore, what SEO basics must you know to be a top blogger?

Domain and hosting

Nothing helps your SEO endeavors than having your own domain. If you add your own hosting into the equation, the results will be worth every dollar and time spent building the blog. Avoid free blog hosting and domains.

Original content

The main goal of posting only original content is to be unique and stand out from the competition. Everything that you post should be useful and relevant to your readers. The purpose of the original content should be to solve your customers’ problems.

Natural backlinks 

Building a thriving blog requires paying attention to the process you follow in building backlinks. Unfortunately, buying backlinks does you no favor. Be careful with the source of the backlinks you publish on the blog.

Optimized theme

An optimized theme is great for the SEO blog you work hard to build. Optimizing your theme is one of the on-site tasks that you must perform. An optimized theme tells Google and other search engines that your site is trustworthy.

Fixed permalink structures

Do you pay attention to how people find your blog? The features that help readers find blogs include the root and extension, which are the main components of any permalink structure. Leave the old permalinks the way they are, but improve all new ones that you want to create.


Your blog is not the only one in the world of blogs. Therefore, network with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs. Share content from other blogs. Commenting on other blogs is a way of building more traffic and enjoying increased exposure while building new relationships.

Lastly, your blog will be among the best within no time if you follow the tips listed here. Being a top blogger is as much about working hard as it is a question of using your brains, skills and resources well. Therefore, take deliberate steps to be the best by following this guideline.



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