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How to Avoid Wasting Money on SEO

Wasting Money on SEO

Good SEO costs money. SEO is a form of marketing, hence the need to spend money on it. It’s not right to waste money simply because you wish to market your business better. Cheap is SEO might save you money on the short-term but the long-term results won’t bring any smile to your face. Good SEO brings the desired results to your business. Nonetheless, you can enjoy good SEO without spending a fortune.

So, how can you avoid wasting money on SEO?

First, before you know how to avoid wasting money, your focus should be on the preparing an SEO budget. The needs of your company play a significant role when calculating the money to pay for marketing through search engine optimization. The experience and training that the SEO specialist has determines the amount you end up paying. Nonetheless, the amount to pay also depends on the price model that you choose.

Thereafter, the money-saving measures you should apply include:

Hiring the right team

Good and effective SEO is not the work of one person. It takes a team to develop a successful and highly effective SEO strategy. It takes a team to follow up on the strategy and ensure that it transforms the fortunes of the company. Developing the strategy is simply the first task. It’s equally crucial to follow up on the strategy to check its progress while making adjustments along the way so that it achieves the desired goals.

Setting expectations

Hiring the right team is good. Knowing what to expect from the team is much better. In fact, you should hire the SEO team based on your expectations of what it should do. A good SEO company has no problem giving a breakdown of how it intends to use your money. Next, you should expect the SEO expert to provide reports covering everything it has done over a specific period.

The question of expectations also requires delving into a sensitive topic such as objectifying goals. You must have specific goals to accomplish with the SEO strategy that you develop. Some of the goals worth considering include increasing web traffic, building a flawless brand and improving your social media engagement. A proper understanding of everything you wish to achieve through SEO marketing it mandatory.

Using the right tools and resources

A good SEO strategy involves using the right tools and resources. Some tools are free while others cost money. Some of the free tools that you can use include Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Page Speed Insights. The Internet is full of multiple tools that you can also use. Check the authenticity of each tool before downloading and using to develop an effective SEO strategy for your business.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to invest in SEO because of your belief that it requires a heavy financial investment. While it’s true that good SEO is costly, money should not dissuade you from an investment that your business needs. Remember to hire the right team of SEO …

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Do you want to be a Top Blogger? Try these SEO Basics

SEO Basics

Do you consider yourself a greenhorn in the world of SEO? Do you spend countless hours thinking of new ways to become a top blogger whose blog attracts thousands of hits? The beauty is you do not need SEO expertise to have a thriving blog that’s the envy of other bloggers.

When it comes to SEO, don’t let your experience or lack thereof to define the success or failure that you encounter. Some of the most inexperienced bloggers have enjoyed the biggest successes while building a career in blogging.

Therefore, what SEO basics must you know to be a top blogger?

Domain and hosting

Nothing helps your SEO endeavors than having your own domain. If you add your own hosting into the equation, the results will be worth every dollar and time spent building the blog. Avoid free blog hosting and domains.

Original content

The main goal of posting only original content is to be unique and stand out from the competition. Everything that you post should be useful and relevant to your readers. The purpose of the original content should be to solve your customers’ problems.

Natural backlinks 

Building a thriving blog requires paying attention to the process you follow in building backlinks. Unfortunately, buying backlinks does you no favor. Be careful with the source of the backlinks you publish on the blog.

Optimized theme

An optimized theme is great for the SEO blog you work hard to build. Optimizing your theme is one of the on-site tasks that you must perform. An optimized theme tells Google and other search engines that your site is trustworthy.

Fixed permalink structures

Do you pay attention to how people find your blog? The features that help readers find blogs include the root and extension, which are the main components of any permalink structure. Leave the old permalinks the way they are, but improve all new ones that you want to create.


Your blog is not the only one in the world of blogs. Therefore, network with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs. Share content from other blogs. Commenting on other blogs is a way of building more traffic and enjoying increased exposure while building new relationships.

Lastly, your blog will be among the best within no time if you follow the tips listed here. Being a top blogger is as much about working hard as it is a question of using your brains, skills and resources well. Therefore, take deliberate steps to be the best by following this guideline.



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SEO Copywriting: What top techniques and secrets must you apply?

SEO Copywriting

The most important feature on your website is content. The content can be purely text, graphics, photos or videos. Content must contain the information that readers want to know. Content must be informative, useful and relevant.

The content must contain a call to action, which simply refers to what you want customers to do after listening to, watching or reading whatever you publish. Consequently, you must learn the basics, techniques and secrets of SEO copywriting in order to create exceptional content.

So, what techniques and secrets must you apply in SEO copywriting?

Offer value

Is the content on your site providing the value that customers want? Large corporations have realized the importance of giving back to the society. Your business can give back to customers too in the form of discounts and free downloads. Be creative to attract more traffic to your site.

Address objections

Customer feedback is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for the success of all your SEO copywriting endeavors. Therefore, strive to learn the objections your customers have and address them with the content that you post on the website.

Rouse curiosity

Normally, what makes you to click an ad or link? You probably do this because of the curiosity that the ad/link conjures in your mind. Consequently, find ways of arousing your customers’ curiosity too. Curious customers or readers have no problem doing what you ask of them.

Apply social proof

How many other people have done what you want the next customer to do after reading content on your website? Show proof from your business’ social media accounts to convince the next batch of customers to do what you want. It’s easier for people to do what others have done.


Rigidity is a bad quality when you want to excel in SEO copywriting. Publishing generalized content is not a highly advisable move on your part. Customize content based on the different needs of your customers. One-size-fits-all approach is bad for SEO copywriting.

Timeline and Deal Sweeteners

How urgent is the call of action you posted in your website? Let readers know that they only have a short window of opportunity to do what you want them to do. Throw some deal sweeteners into the call of action. Deal sweeteners can be additional incentives.

Therefore, follow this guideline from today and see your SEO copywriting skills go a notch higher. More importantly, follow the tips mentioned here to draw more traffic to your site. More traffic means increased conversion rates, which is great for the growth of your online business.…

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SEO in 2016: Have the goals changed?

SEO in 2016 goals

According to the person you speak to, you’re likely to hear that SEO is dead or that SEO is the future of Internet marketing. The answers might leave you confused or more enlightened. Any marketing campaign that you embark on must have clear goals and objectives. You must be able to measure the success (or failure) rate of your marketing campaigns. SEO without goals is akin to playing music without any sound. The beauty of music is in the sounds it produces. The beauty of SEO is in the goals that it enables a business to achieve.

So, have the goals of SEO changed in 2016?

First, the goals of SEO include:

  1. Drive/attract quality traffic
  2. Increase visibility
  3. Boost the brand
  4. Enhance business credibility

A good and effective SEO strategy should help you to create a trustworthy business. Without any modicum of trustworthiness, customers will abandon your business in droves. If your business is losing while others are gaining customers, you don’t need a college degree to understand that it stands on quick sand. All the content that you create as part of the SEO strategy is only useful if customers can see them. Moreover, it might help you to know that around 12 billion searches take place on the Internet every month in the USA. Make your content visible on the searches.

Any SEO campaign that you undertake must address the needs of your target audience or market. The content or campaign is just as important as the actual products and services that you sell. SEO helps customers to see, read and learn about your products and services. The content that you publish is not the main thing. Content only acts as a signboard that directs visitors (or customers) to the actual item that they need. Content is not what your customers want. Content only helps them to learn the benefits of using your products and services.

While the basics of SEO say that you should design the content for search engines, you should not forget the importance of addressing human needs. After all, even if your business/content rank high in search engine results, customers will move elsewhere if it does not contain the answers they crave. Customers don’t want to know that your website adheres to all the SEO basics. Customers only want to know that your website contains all that they need. For this reason, the goals and objectives of SEO have not changed in 2016.



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